Creativity in Children

What is it that makes a child creative? Is creativity inherited or can it be developed? Can a child be taught creativity and innovation? How do we make our children creative? This page addresses these important issues which will shape our future in the years to come!

It often happens that from the time they start school, our kids start reeling with home work, assignment and school pressures. Most schools believe in learning by the rote method rather than enhancing the child’s creativity and innovation abilities. As a result as they grow, children start following the “herd walk” instead of following their own ability and instinct.

How can one develop the creativity of children? Here are some ways:

  • Develop your child’s imagination by asking some open ended questions. For example questions like “what do you think would happen if there were no seas on the planet?” These kind of questions can have all possible answers and none of them would be really incorrect!
  • Play games which enhance the creativity skills of the child. Play dough, pictionary, dumb charades are games which develop the expressive and the creative skills of the child.
  • Enahance the logic and the reasoning ability of the child. Dont encourage the rote method in your child’s studies and homework. Ask him to question everything.
  • If possible go on exploration and adventure trips with your kids since nature is the best teacher. Nature can teach kids more than they would ever learn in their classes.

These are some of the ways which can enhance the creativity of children. If you know of any other ways, do let us know through your comments and we will include them in our site along with your name!