We need your stories!!

We are writing a book which deals with the common man and his innovative and creative abilities. We are looking for stories which demonstrate the extraordinary ability of the common man to innovate and create something out of nothing!!

Tell us about your creations, your innovations in every day life. Tell us about how you change the “mundane” to “exciting”. It can be about anything… from doing your daily chores to anything that you have done to make a difference in every day life. It can be about any era..school, college, anything! These stories will be a part of creativitygap after approval and submission.

Do send us your entries and the best ones will get selected to be featured in our book on innovation and creativity!

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  1. mike Says:

    great site

  2. anonymous Says:

    if you want others to share their stories, it would be a good idea to post some info about you/your company on this site. to whom are we sending stories? any copyright/privacy issues? any benefits?

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