Stories on creativity required

Like I said, I need stories on creativity. Stories which involve everyday life and yet are innovative. These stories will be used in our upcoming book/video on creativity and innovation. The video will be released to a world wide audience and will feature people whose stories are selected! We have an early bird prize for the first 200 accepted stories.

These stories can be on anything..they can be about your childhood, teens, middle age, bringing up kids..anything. The focus of these stories is creativity. That means thinking out of the box, taking a different path than the beaten one, doing things differently. It  does not need to be you..It can be about your friend, relative..anyone.

So, hurry and submit your stories and tell us what you did differently….

Try this approach if you like

1. stage

2. challenges faced

3. the beaten path

4. the path taken

5 the outcome

6 the benefits

7. the pitfalls

To us each little story on creativity is important……

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